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Saint 2021/2022

​The reflective drawing and costume SAINT is constructed from an Alberto Fabiani pattern from the 1970s. Gold, curling hair covers the costume with organs exposed as holes and absences within the fabric. The dress appears as if set on fire, emerging from a mandorla like opening within a sea of fur. The work references multiple saints’ fates by fire and also miraculous appearances through flames and the earths own seismic openings.


The costume was first displayed in Rome for the December Mostra and has been worn in the film UNNAMED SAINT which imagines a dead saint’s return to earth to find her body desecrated and scattered across the geography of Italy.

Saint Pencil, soft pastel, paint on reflective fabric. Installed at The British School at Rome December Mostra, 2021

Unnamed Saint 4K video 05:30, 2022

Lara Smithson

Saint Installed at Una Vetrina, Rome, 2022

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