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Brewers Towner International 2022/23


SHROUDS and Lungs were shown at the Brewers Towner International, a biennial group exhibition of contemporary visual arts at the Towner Eastbourne. The show featured a range of artists, local, national and international, coming together to share work that addresses the theme of SANCTUARY. The exhibition has been curated by Noelle Collins, Exhibitions & Offsite Curator, Towner Eastbourne. The 23 artists were selected by Elizabeth Price, Sepake Angiama and Noelle Collins.

Link to Towner 

Documentation of The Brewers Towner International 2022/23, 'Shrouds 1-3'(Triptych) pencil on light reflective fabric 2021
Photograph by Rob Harris


'Lungs' pencil on foam and poly filler, 202, photograph by Rob Harris


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